• Sunday

    10am - 12pm: Sentimental Memories With DJ Flexxx

    12pm - 4pm: Reggae Sundays

    4pm - 6pm: Kick Back

    6pm - 8pm: The Sunday Switch Up With DJ Dreamz

    8pm - 10pm: Nice N' Easy Sundays

    10pm - 12am: Cool Down Sundays

    12am - 2pm: Automation


  • Monday

    2pm - 6pm: Hey Mr. DJ Mondays With DJ Flexxx

    6pm - 8pm: Sunset Session

    8pm - 12am: Manic Mondays

    12am - 2pm: Automation


  • Tuesday

    2pm - 6pm: Accelerate Tuesdays With DJ Flexxx

    6pm - 8pm: Tizik Tuesdays

    8pm - 10pm: Pumpments

    10pm - 12am: Tear Up Tuesdays

    12am - 2pm: Automation


  • Wednesday

    2pm - 6pm: Way Back And Wild Out Wednesdays With DJ Flexxx

    6pm - 8pm: Mor Luv

    8pm - 10pm: Hotter Than Fire

    10pm - 12am: Wicked Mix Wednesdays

    12am - 2pm: Automation


  • Thursday

    2pm - 6pm: Tun Up Thursdays With DJ Flexxx

    6pm - 8pm: Vybez Cyah Done

    8pm - 10pm: Tear Up Thursdays

    12am - 2pm: Automation


  • Friday

    2pm - 6pm: Freaky Fridays With DJ Flexxx

    6pm - 8pm: FreeUp Fridays With DJ Anil

    8pm - 10pm: Ol' Skool Fridays With DJ Splendid

    10pm - 12am: The Storm With DJ Dreamz

    12am - 10am: Automation

  • Saturday

    12pm - 3pm: Jam Session Saturdays With DJ Splendid

    3pm - 6pm: Saturday Party Mix With The Studio F Family

    6pm - 8pm: Snackette Session With DJ Flexxx

    8pm - 10pm: Mashup Saturdays With DJ Anil

    10pm - 10am: Automation



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